Creative Ideas for Balsamic Vinegars

Creative Ideas for Balsamic Vinegars

Have you ever thought about creating new and exciting recipes with classic gourmet flavors? We thought so! Here are a few wonderful ideas on how to use your balsamic vinegar! Use them and let us know how it went? We invite you to create a few recipes and send them our way and we can feature them on our website!
1) Use in cocktails or to flavor soda!

Blasamics are a wonderful accompaniment to champagne for a fantastic flavorful experience.

2) To finish sauces and soup

Add a drizzle of Santa Fe Olive Oil Balsamic Vinegar to your next soup for a special flavor kick, even create a wonderful reduction for seafood dishes, and salmon.

3) For braised dishes

Braise your meats with balsamic vinegar to add a delicious and unique flavor to your next entree.

4) Marinate your meat and/ or tofu!

Marinate your delicious foods including steaks, seafood, and tofu, for a wonderful meal.
5) Reduce to a syrup, and place over a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

This is a surefire crowd pleaser, reduce the wonderful balsamic vinegar, and you may even add some berries to your reduction or use a flavored balsamic like this one

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